Guillaume CORNET est un jeune artiste français vivant à Londres.

Il rencontre un véritable succès outre-manche, mais aussi aux USA à Hong Kong … et à Paris à la Galerie JAMAULT

Guillaume CORNET dessine la ville et crée des mondes qu’une foultitude de personnages investissent. La ville-favela se pare alors de couleurs ou d’aquarelle et s’anime sous nos yeux.

Guillaume Cornet aka “Mr Guil” is an artist working with illustration and painting, exploring notions of abstract geometry, influenced by surreal perspectives plus architecture, to construct sometimes monochrome but mostly colourful and vibrant visual spaces. His works tends to be filled with intricate characters positioning themselves in unexpected geometrical environments. Creating a humorous visual language, he frequently depicts unusual and bizarre situations.

“As an Illustrator, I have always worked with Characters/Creatures to communicate my inner thoughts, ideas, emotions and situations. At some point I wanted to create an environment for my creatures to grow, a place where I could let my imagination conquer the entire paper.

I decided to push my limits by combining large format illustration, with extreme detail and precision. Uniting the things in life that inspire me the most: Places + People.

Most of the Cityscape and Favela Series are inspired by densely populated areas from cities which I have visited in South America, along with my personal experience from cities where I have lived and worked: Paris, London, Lima and Barcelona. The Characters are based on people and situations I come across in my daily life. But also by unusual sounds, objects, misunderstandings and the world which revolves around me.

In this digital world I have always preferred to work with traditional techniques and analogue processes. Making each piece of work unique and keeping a close contact with the material through each stage of the creative process.”




Education :
Camberwell College of Arts, FDA Illustration, 2009
The Arts Institute At Bournemouth, ND Fine Art, 2007








Exhibitions :

2015 Galerie JAMAULT Paris

2015 AAF London Battersea, Decorazon Gallery
2015 Asia Contemporary (Autumn), Hong Kong, Decorazon Gallery
2015 AAF Seoul, Decorazon Gallery
2015 AAF New York (Autumn), Decorazon Gallery
2015 We Build This City, London
2015 AAF London Hampstead, Decorazon Gallery
2015 Solo Show, Galerie Jamault Paris
2015 AAF Hong Kong, Decorazon Gallery
2015 AAF Singapore, Decorazon Gallery
2015 AAF New York (Spring), Decorazon Gallery
2015 Art Edition 2015, Hong Kong, Odd One Out Gallery
2015 Asia Contemporary (Spring), Hong Kong, Decorazon Gallery
2014 AAF London Battersea, Decorazon Gallery
2014 AAF Mexico city, Decorazon Gallery
2014 The Tunnel, New York with Decorazon Gallery
2014 Group Show, Hooloon Art Gallery, Philadelphia
2014 Hands-On, Odd One Out, Hong Kong
2014 AAF London Hampstead, Decorazon Gallery
2014 AAF Singapore, Decorazon Gallery
2014 AAF New York, Decorazon Gallery
2014 Print Club Gallery, London
2014 AAF Hong Kong, Decorazon Gallery
2013 AAF Singapore, Decorazon Gallery
Guillaume_Cornet_Galerie_Jamault_Paris2013 AAF Seattle, Decorazon Gallery

2013 AAF London, Decorazon Gallery

2013 Galerie Jamault, Paris

2013 Galerie Jamault, Ars en Ré, France
2013 Spring Exhibition, Decorazon Gallery, Dallas
2013 AAF New York, Decorazon Gallery
2013 AAF Hong Kong, Decorazon Gallery2013 AAF Bruxelles, Decorazon Gallery
2012 The Delicate Mayhem Gallery, London
2012 Exploration Géométrique, 120 Rue du Bac, Paris
2012 AAF London, Decorazon Gallery
2012 Salon Flux Nr.5, London
2011 Eine Grosse Funf, The City Art & Music Project, London
2010 JAZZS, Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona
2010 inKthesky, Estudio Nomada, Barcelona



Selected clients :
Guillaume_Cornet_Galerie_Jamault_ParisBBC, Nestlé, Pentagram, Nike, Letraset, Winsor and Newton, Do The Green Thing, Hospital Records,, Equinox

Publications :
Moi Je Lis, WUW Magazine, Junior Magazine, The Scrible Project, Volume Magazine

Collections :Works held in private collections in France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Egypt, Hong Kong and the United States.



Awards :
2009 D&AD Student Awards, In Book